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Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by. I bet you thought you'd find a typical biography here, didn't you? If you want that, skip to the bottom right.

There is nothing "typical" about me. I am a unique creation, made by God, and there is nobody else like me. So here are a few useless yet fun facts about me.

1. My name means "courageous." Isn't that so cool?! 

2. In 2019 I was able to give my husband a kidney. Cool again, right?!

3. Me and my family (hubby and 2 kiddos) lived for years in the same town I grew up in, in the same neighborhood as my parents. This one might not be cool to everyone, but so cool for us! We only recently moved at the Lord's calling to South Carolina.

4. We have 4 cats-yes, 4! You can see them as kitties below.

5. My husband and I met and became friends in 7th grade, when we were only 12. 


--Anything with peanut butter-I dare you to try to find something made with peanut butter that I won't eat

--Reading a good book with a cup of tea while my cat sleeps on my lap

--Connecting with others-that's you!

I do NOT love...

--Seafood, although I do force myself to eat salmon once in a while. I know I know, it's good for you

--Coffee-yep, I can't help it, I've tried, but a chai latte is the closest I can get, although I have recently discovered flavored coffee-and it might be moving to my list of "love"s soon!

--Horror movies (nothing to say about that!)

How about you? I'd love to hear from you. Email me by clicking the link below.

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Tracy's Story...and other stuff

Now that you know the fun stuff, do you want to know about my writing and speaking journey? When my daughter was 10, she wanted to learn more about 9/11. After unsuccessfully searching for age-appropriate books, something stirred in my heart to write a book for her. Four years later, The Longest New York Minute was born! By then, I was hooked, and two years later published my second book, Tapestry of Lies, another middle-grade historical fiction. I've jumped into the author pool with both feet. I'm now working on my first MG fantasy, book 1 in a trilogy, not to mention two other books on the back burner and a blog.

I am passionate about using writing and my books as an avenue to draw young people closer to the Lord. I love to read myself, especially historical fiction and inspirational books that challenge me to soar even higher, closer to God. I feel like I've been on a new adventure now, not only with my newfound love of writing but with my expanding speaking platform. I visit schools to talk with 4th, 5th, and 6th graders about the writing journey. But it hasn't stopped there - as a result of some experiences I've struggled through in my life, I now also speak at retreats and to various groups about the powerful impact of our thoughts.

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