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The Longest New York Minute

The Longest New York Minute was born eight years ago when my daughter, then nine years old, came home from school after the anniversary of 9/11, looking for something to read about it. As a cautious mother I began searching the internet looking for something age-appropriate for my "tween" daughter. To my astonishment, there was nothing! Everything was either too young or too old for her. (This is not to say that there might have been books targeted for that age group but I couldn't find them).

I began thinking and it didn't take long for the wheels in this writer/teacher's brain to start turning. Could I write a book? After some thought, I decided to give it a try. Now my daughter is twelve, and there is a book for both her and my ten year old son to enjoy. I hope you and your family enjoy it as well!

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Tapestry of Lies

Tapestry of Lies is another middle-grade historical fiction, however, this story is based on the real-life events of a woman named Elisabeth Hofmann. Elisabeth grew up in Germany during the Nazi era in a small town that was divided between followers of Hitler and those who were anti-Nazi. A few years ago, Elisabeth developed dementia. As a result, she began remembering events and stories from her childhood that even her family had never heard before! I was honored to be asked by her husband if I would be willing to write a story based on these memories so she can always be remembered.

As I began to write, however, I wanted to make sure to add those elements of hope, faith, and courage, that are core pieces in all my books. Since Elisabeth didn't remember some of the emotions and feelings because she was so young and it was so long ago, I added some of that based on the type of person I believed young Elisabeth to be. I hope you are inspired by it! Enjoy!

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Coming Soon...The Match

Ever wonder if God is really in your relationships? I can assure you He is. My first non-fiction novel follows the journey of me donating a kidney to my husband, while also reliving past experiences in our relationship that shows God's omnipresence.

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